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Colleges and Universities depend on lighting for safety, focus, and fun. They also have many areas with long lighting run times. Our lighting solutions will provide the right light while saving the school thousands. We have helped 20+ schools coast to coast save an average $135K annually while enhancing their appearance.

Vivid Energies

Warehouse / Manufacturing

Proper lighting distribution in a warehouse or manufacturing facility improves both efficiency and safety. We have expertise in high racking systems, and can provide custom LED fixtures to solve any need. Best of all, these upgrades will actually save you about 70% of your energy cost relating to lighting.

Vivid Energies


Lighting can be critically important at a food retailer. Clean, bright light can make the product more appealing and enhance the shopping experience. But there is more than just looks, extended store hours means long run time for the overhead lights. Grocery stores that have switching to our LED solution have saved $40 annually. Think of how you could invest those savings.

Vivid Energies

Office / retail

Looking for a way to reinvest in your company, look up. Our LED solutions can accommodate any need, creating a comfortably lite space for those working or those shopping. It will also reduce a fixed cost, helping you to reinvest and grow.

Vivid Energies


Outdoor lighting an important statement to both enhance your presence and provide safety. We help you achieve both by providing a layout including photometry map to ensure even lighting distribution. Our LED solutions are IP rated and ready for the outdoors. We often incorporate outdoor spaces into our total projects, but they can be done independently as well.

Vivid Energies

New Construction

New construction is a chance to get it right. We offer full lighting layouts including photometric readings and cad drawing. We can work with you on any custom needs and create a well lite plan.

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